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International Journal of Advanced Nursing Education and Research

Volume 1, No. 1, 2016, pp 69-74


The Relationship among Personality, Interpersonal Relations and Stress of Clinical Practice of Nursing Students

    Miran Bang1 , Sunsook Sim2
    1Dept. of Nursing, Kyungdong University
    2Dept. of Nursing, Kyungdong University


    This research is to study the relationship between the personality, interpersonal relations, and stress of clinical practice targeting college students majoring in nursing and to identify the factors that affect stress of clinical practice. A self-report type survey was conducted targeting 221 of nursing students in a city from August 29, 2016 to September 09, 2016. As the results of the study, the relationship between personality and interpersonal relations (r=.502, p<.001) showed a statistically significant positive correlation in the medium level. The lower level of the satisfaction on clinical practice the nursing students have, it appeared that clinical practice more stressful. It is regarded that it shall need to develop a practice program that can improve the interpersonal relationship and consider the individual personality of nursing students in order to reduce the stress of clinical practice of nursing students.


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