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IJBTM - GV School Publication

The journal provides the opportunity for industry professionals and academia to discuss, share ideas and collaborate on current opportunities and challenges in the field of broadcasting.
To bridge the gap of users who do not have access to major databases where one should pay for every downloaded article; this online publication platform is open to all readers as part of our commitment to global scientific society.

Topics Covered

The main topics include but will not be limited to: (Excellent surveying works, summary or introduction of new or fresh idea in these areas are welcome, too).

  • Advanced RF modulation technologies
  • Interactive technology for broadcast
  • Broadcast spectrum issues
  • Transmisssion, propagation, reception, redistribution of broadcast signals
  • Metadata systems and management
  • Applying IT networks in broadcast facilitites
  • Securing broadcast IT netwroks
  • Transport stream issues
  • Advanced technologies and systems for emerging broadcasting applications


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