There are many different ways to win in poker. One of the best ways is to bet big. In poker, a player with a big lead in chips is known as the pot boss. The pot size will determine the size of bets and raises. The bigger the pot, the better the hand. Here are the most important rules to remember in poker. If you’re a new player, learn these rules before you start playing.

You start by putting money into the pot. If you don’t have anything to lose, you can fold a pair of kings. Otherwise, you can raise. If another player has bet, you should raise your bet. Otherwise, fold your hand. You can raise multiple times if you have the right hand. But if you’re losing the pot, you have to fold your hand. But if you’re winning, you can fold your hand, but you can’t call your own bet.

The best hand in poker is the one with two distinct pairs of cards and a pair. In a tie, the higher pair wins. Otherwise, if you have two pairs and a high card, the second pair wins. But if you don’t have two pairs, a pair, and a straight, the high card breaks the tie. You can also bet when you have two pairs or better, but the best strategy is to play with the high card.