Poker is a card game that requires both a keen eye and bucket of confidence. It’s also important to know the lingo so that you can communicate with your fellow players during play. To help you get your lingo on, we have compiled a comprehensive list of poker terms and meanings that will put you in the know.

An ante is a small bet that all players are required to contribute to the pot before any hands are dealt. It helps to ensure that all players are on an even playing field and increases the winning potential of every hand.

When it’s your turn to act during a hand and someone else raises the bet, you can choose to match that amount and continue to play your hand. Say “call” to do this. Alternatively, you can fold if you don’t want to continue with your hand.

A pair of cards of the same rank, but different suits (for example two jacks). A three of a kind is a good poker hand. It is a stronger hand than two of a kind and can tie with four of a kind or more.

A royal flush is a very strong poker hand consisting of a ten, jack, queen and king of the same suit, one of which must be an ace. This is a very rare hand and can only be beaten by another royal flush or a straight flush.