When you think of a casino, chances are you imagine a glamorous place that offers free drinks and stage shows. In reality, however, casinos are places where gambling is the primary activity. The modern casino adds a host of other luxuries to draw customers, but the basic concept is unchanged.

While Casino is not the most violent film Scorsese has ever made, it still depicts some shocking scenes. This is largely due to the real-life events that inspired it. The film depicts the complex web of corruption that centered around Las Vegas casinos, with tendrils reaching to politicians, Teamsters unions, mobster families and Midwest mafia organizations.

Despite these harrowing scenes, the movie never drags or becomes overly preachy. It manages to stay lean and mean throughout, with masterful editing and taut narration. In fact, this is one of the few movies that manages to keep viewers on the edge of their seats for all three hours.

Casino is based on the true story of Frank Rosenthal and his Stardust casino in Las Vegas, which was later renamed Tangiers. It stars Robert De Niro as Sam “Ace” Rothstein, a mobster who takes over the hotel after his bosses back East want him to shut down the casino. Sharon Stone is stunning as his moll Ginger McKenna, and Joe Pesci rounds out the cast of characters.

To attract new customers and keep existing ones, your casino needs to offer a variety of gaming options that appeal to the broadest audience possible. This can be done through events, partnerships with e-sports teams and platforms, and even virtual and augmented reality games. The goal is to create a unique experience that will stand out from the competition.