Imagine yourself in a twinkly casino, with neon lights, sexy waitresses, and slot machines. You have a full belly from the buffet, and you’re ready to roll the dice or spin the reels in hopes of hitting the big jackpot. But wait, there’s more to a casino than just gambling! Many casinos also offer luxurious hotel offerings, cutting-edge technology, flexible event and entertainment spaces, award-winning spa and health club amenities, and delicious restaurants. Casino marketing must be able to showcase these unique features as well as the gaming floor to attract and retain customers.

A casino is a business, and just like any other business it must ensure its profits. To do this, the casino must understand its mathematical expectancy (or house edge) for each of its games. This information is available to them, and it can be analyzed by gaming mathematicians and computer programs.

Despite the fact that gambling is a game of chance, casinos must still offer inducements to gamblers in order to make a profit. These incentives are typically offered to high rollers in the form of free spectacular entertainment, luxury transportation, rooms at the hotel, and reduced-fare food and drinks while gambling.

While most movies only show the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, Casino digs deeper to reveal the city’s past ties to organized crime while still showing us all the opulence, dancing girls, and glitzy nightlife. In addition, it’s one of the longest films Scorsese has ever made, yet it never lags or loses steam throughout its three-hour length.